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From the Moon, to Mexico, to Miami…. The Story of Biomagnetism.

The Biomagnetic Pair was discovered in 1988 by Dr Issac Goiz Duran, a medical Doctor from Mexico. Alongside his practice in hospitals Dr Goiz was trained in a range of alternative medicines, such as Acupuncture. This was not only because health care and medicines were poorly funded at the time, but also because he acknowledged the limits of conventional medicine and the power of complementary treatments.

During the 1980s there was a lot of research conducted by the NASA space programme into the impact of magnetism on the immune system. When men were first sent into space they would become unwell on their return to Earth. It was discovered that when they left the Earth’s magnetic field their immune system would ‘switch off’, and when exposed to the abundance of pathogens in our environment the astronauts would be vulnerable to infection.

📷‍Photo by NASA

While Dr Goiz was treating a patient with a terminal autoimmune disease he put the theory of immunity and magnetism to the test. Without access to the electromagnets used by NASA, Goiz dismantled a speaker in order to remove the magnet, and placed this over the patients thymus (which is a gland that is key in the immune system).

📷‍Photo by Tracy Thomas

When continuing to test and monitor the patient Goiz noticed that his right leg had shortened significantly. This is a phenomenon reflected in immunocompromised astronauts and is called Right Hemi-body Shortening, the whole right side of the body shows a slight contraction, and this is most easily observed in the length of the legs. As astronauts reacclimatise to the Earth magnetic field this shortening will decrease, correlated with the increase in immune response. So, Dr Goiz knew that to correct the patients immune system he would have to balance the legs.

In order to do this he dismantled another speaker to use the magnet it contains and moved this over the body until the legs matched in length again. Goiz found that when the first magnet was over the thymus, and the second magnet on the rectum the patients legs balanced in length again. The patient regained full health and the first Biomagnetic Pair (Thymus – Rectum) was born.

From there the treatment continued to grow with each patient Dr Goiz treated and developed into the practice we now call Biomagnetic Pair Therapy. There are now circa 300 known pairs that are scanned in each session, each correlated with a different pathogen, dysfunction or imbalance.

The Biomagnetic Pair Therapy training is conducted by Dr Goiz and a select few senior practitioners certified by the Escuela de Biomagnetismo Issac Goiz Duran. The course is conducted in Spanish, but once or twice a year it is taught in the USA with live translation into English, for this reason there are very few practitioners in the UK! 

I travelled to Miami to do my training, I am qualified in Level 1 Biomagnetism and Level 2 Bioenergetics (as well as Biomagnetic Neuropsychology). I began my Biomagnetism Practice in July 2017 and am now based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire and Harley Street, London.

If you’d like to book an appointment, or discuss a condition then I’d love to hear from you so please do get in touch.

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