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Biomagnetism Magnets

Learn everything you need to Master Biomagnetism 

This online course will take you from absolute basics through all the principles and techniques you need to know to be a confident Biomagnetist!

Hi, I'm Faye!

I have been working as a Biomagnetism Therapist for over five years, with successful clinics in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Harley Street, Marylebone High Street and online. 

In 2019 Dr David Goiz (the head of the Global Biomagnetic Pair Therapy School) asked me to start to teach Biomagnetism. So, in 2021 I did just that, then in 2022 I then started teaching advance principles online and now I am launching online training aimed at people wanting to invest in learning Biomagnetism to support their own health and the health of their loved ones, or to become a Biomagnetism Practitioner!


Throughout the years I have been a Biomagnetism Therapist I have worked with hundreds of people to help them regain their health. To say this is a privilege is an understatement! I would love to share this gift with you too. 

I recently had the pleasure of taking a course with Faye, an instructor who truly understood the complexity and depth of the subject. Her passion and knowledge were evident from the start, making the entire learning experience incredibly enjoyable. The material presented was not only interesting but also easy to comprehend, thanks to Faye’s ability to break down complex concepts into digestible pieces. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in exploring the fascinating world of biomagnetism.

Alyson M.


I found Biomagnetism after suffering with debilitating kidney infections that weren't responding to either conventional or alternative approaches, but after just a handful of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy sessions they totally cleared up!

I did my training back in 2017, repeated the courses in 2018, assisted training courses in 2019, started teaching on courses in 2021 and started running online course in 2022. What I learned in hours of tutorial time and meeting dozens of trainee Biomagnetists is only a tiny proportion of people training actually want to go on to set up their own practice... they simply want to learn the magic of Biomagnetism to help themselves and their loved ones

Which is why I created "Biomagnetic Healing" - an online Biomagnetism Course that will take you from knowing nothing about Biomagnetism to being a confident and skilled Biomagnetist for all the loved ones in your life (including yourself!) & new in 2024 will be the option to take your training to the next level and qualify as a Biomagnetism Therapist! 

I have a skill of breaking down complex ideas and processes into chunks that are easy to understand and implement - with a good few analogies along the way to help illustrate a point! I have developed this course in a way that is easy to wrap your head around, with lots of support materials so you can start using Biomagnetism at home from the very start!

Would you love the power of Biomagnetism at your fingertips?

I get it. I used to drive for three hours (round the M25!) with severe kidney infections, fatigue, anxiety and IBS to be able to have Biomagnetism Treatment! Not only did this cost a lot in time, money and energy, it also meant that it took a while to recover from the journey. Once I had learned the magic of Biomagnetism I could use the magnets at home at a much greater frequency, which accelerated my recovery.

Do you want to support the health of your whole family?

It's safe to say my family were just as excited about me learning Biomagnetism as I was! If my niece or nephew are under the weather they call to ask for magnets, if my brother sneezes more than once then I am on speed dial, my Grandma went from constant chest infections to being infection free for three years, when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer I was able to work with him to shrink the tumour and help him recover from his surgery.

It's an amazing gift to share with the whole family, and when I have children they will grow up with magnets being part of the daily lives!

Would you love to have a career helping people regain their health?

I can hand-on-heart say that I love my job! 

Being part of someones healing journey and watching people regain their health is the most rewarding element of my job, and if you would like ultimate job satisfaction then being a Biomagnetism Practitioner is the route for you!

Whether you'd like a satisfying side hustle, an add on to treatments you already offer, or a complete career change then this course will offer you everything you need to set up a Biomagnetism Practice.

Do you want to feel empowered on your healing journey?

Having the knowledge to support your own health is incredibly empowering! I found that I was pin-balling between different practitioners and modalities in a way that made me feel pretty powerless in my own healing journey. Learning a practice like Biomagnetism made me feel like I was back in the drivers seat of my life, with the tools I needed to get back on track!

Do you want to understand what's really going on in your body? And help others to understand theirs too?

I will teach you how to muscle test so that you can scan your body to identify the Biomagnetic imbalances that could be underpinning your symptoms, once you have mastered this you can then muscle test all sorts of other things - from supplements to sleep!

Do you want to future-proof your health?

If the pandemic taught us anything it's to never take for granted having ready access to the products and services we need on a regular basis (and I don't just mean the toilet paper crisis!). While I don't anticipate another global disaster, the knowledge you will learn on this course will be yours forever - hopefully you and your family will only ever need it to maintain excellent health, but if anything does arise over the years you will always have Biomagnetism to support you!

Answered "yes" to any of these?

Then this course is for you!

Biomagnetic Healing takes you from total beginner to Biomagnetism master with all the skills to support health of your whole family!

Faye is a phenomenal practitioner so I had high expectations for her course and I wasn’t disappointed! She has poured her wealth of knowledge and experience into the course. 


I couldn’t recommend Faye highly enough! Her course was mind opening, helped me increase my intuition and she answered questions throughly. Thank you Faye and see you on the next course!

Joanie S





Introduction to Biomagnetism

Understand the history of Biomagnetism, the mechanics behind how it works & the different types of magnets


Scanning the Body

The different muscle testing, when to use each one, how to get started... plus 10 pairs to try this week



How Bioenergetics works, techniques for getting in the zone... plus 10 more pairs to try this week


Points on the head

Learn the Biomagnetic Pairs on the head... with a focus on headaches and brain fog


Points on the neck

Learn the Biomagnetic Pairs on the neck...with a focus on the nervous system, vagus nerve & thyroid function 


Points on the Thorax

Learn the Biomagnetic Pairs on the thorax... with a focus on respiratory symptoms, lymph, immunity & upper digestive tract


Points on the abdomen

Learn the Biomagnetic Pairs on the abdomen... with a focus on the liver and digestive tract


Points on the pelvis

Learn the Biomagnetic Pairs on the pelvis... with a focus on hormone balance, fertility, UTIs & masculine/feminine energy balance


Points on the legs

Learn the Biomagnetic Pairs on the legs... with a focus on toxicity and parasites


Points on the back

Learn the Biomagnetic Pairs on the back... with a focus on back pain, kidneys, adrenal support and inflammation 


The last points

Learn the last scanning points, how to work with reservoirs, how to pull it all together and what to do when things don't balance


The Quantum Field

What the quantum field is, how we use it in Biomagnetism & understanding it to strengthen your Bioenergetic work 

+ Live Q&A sessions for you to bring any questions you have after putting all your learning into practice!

You will have access to the online learning portal with all the video recordings, teaching materials & manual for a full year after completing the course

I can't attend live, could I still do the course?

Yes! All training will be recorded and uploaded to your online student portal within 24 hours and you will have access to it for a full year. 

I'm not sure I will be able to learn or remember it all. What do you think?

I don't want to blow my own trumpet, but I'm a really good teacher! I am able to break down complex ideas into easily understandable concepts, and I have spent a lot of time creating learning materials to support you. I am really sure that you will be able to understand and apply Biomagnetism!

Will I need to do Level 2?

Nope, this course is everything you need all wrapped up in to one - from the basics of Biomagnetism to the more complex Bioenergetics and Telebioenergetics... this course is designed to be a one-stop-shop for everything you need to master Biomagnetism!

I can't afford to pay upfront, do you have any options available to me?

Yes! You can pay monthly instead with 10 payments 

I want to sign up but I am worried I will change my mind. What shall I do?

I want everyone who studies with me to be totally sure this is the right course at the right time, so I am offering a no quibble 100% refund within 14 days of signing up. So if you change your mind within that time it's no problem!

Points on the abdomen

IMG_9638 2.HEIC

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