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Healing with Biomagnetism & Bioenergetics

A unique approach combining Biomagnetism with advanced energy healing techniques, coaching and meditaiton

You are 99.9% empty.

I’m not joking! Us humans (and the whole universe) is over 99% empty space.  What’s in that empty space? Energy! We are built from energy vibrating in such a way that we appear as physical beings. Energy is the foundation from which we are made.  So, if there are distortions in the energy field, it’s inevitable that we will have physical symptoms, reoccurring life patterns and stresses. If you want to be truly healthy and thrive you have to bring the body back into balance at the most fundamental level. 

Bringing Back Balance

In order to heal we need to balance the body at the most fundamental level - the Bioenergetic level.   When the body is unwell in any way the movement of the subatomic particles become very chaotic. By applying a stable force (biomagnetism) and removing blockages disrupting the energy field we can soothe the movement so it becomes coherent and flowing. 

Image by Galina Nelyubova

Balanced bio-energetic body means a balanced biochemistry means balance biological systems

Once the bioelectrical/bioenergetic balance is restored in the body the bio-chemistry naturally comes back into balance, specifically the pH. This is because the ions that cause areas to become acidic or alkaline carry a charge, so when the charges of the cells are balanced, so too is the pH.  ​ All of the bodies biological systems work within a precise biochemical environment, when this balance is optimised the body can regain equilibrium in homeostasis and thrive!


How do we do all this?

Through muscle testing I am able to identify the imbalances in your body. Once these have been identified they can be balanced, this is mainly done by using the stable and strong charge of a magnet. It can also be done by applying a stabilising factor, specifically healing via the quantum field using intention (this can be done both in person and at a distance). Releasing trapped energy and emotions are also done using intention healing.    If we identify that there are any traumas imprinted on the nervous system and/or unhelpful unconscious thought patterns we may address this with coaching. This may sometimes involve some homework of meditation, affirmations and journal prompts!

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