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About Me

I am an advanced Biomagnetism practitioner based in the UK. I qualified as a Biomagnetic Pair Therapist with the Goiz Biomagnetism School in 2017 and have continued to deepen my knowledge across all elements of Biomagnetism, specifically Bioenergetics, Microbioenergetics and Biomagnetic Neuropsychology (now known as Codica). 


I personally found Biomagnetism when struggling with chronic kidney infections, IBS and anxiety. When this incredible treatment had such a profound impact on my life I knew I had to learn everything I could to be able to help others, so I stopped working freelance in Central London and flew to Miami to complete my training!


Throughout the years of working with a range of different clients I found that true and lasting healing takes a multi-faceted approach, as well as balancing the body with magnets it is essential to dig deeper. I have developed a unique approach to healing that addresses health from all angles, including trapped emotions, energetic imbalances and unconscious thought patterns. I am now a qualified Calmologist - an amazing combined approach of coaching and meditation, developed by Sandy C Newbigging, which addresses the root cause of symptoms to holistically heal.


I have a specialist interest in removing blocks on healing and how the power of mindset can heal the body. Your body is amazing and always trying it’s best to make you healthy, but sometimes things get in the way that stop you from thriving. I love working with people who understand that the key to a healthy and happy life is within them, and my job is to get some of the blocks out the way to make that possible. 


In 2019 I was identified as one of the top practitioners in the UK by Dr David Goiz, and was asked to start Biomagnetism Training in the UK. I now run a series of online courses taking you from complete beginner, through to learning how to use Biomagnetism then working with practitioners to deepen energetic therapies (not limited to Biomagnetism), including quantum healing, meditation and the power of mindset in healing. 

I am really excited to launch my flagship course "Biomagnetism Healing" This online course will take you from absolute basics through all the principles and techniques you need to know to be a confident Biomagnetist! Join us for the 2024 course, join the waiting list here



Biomagnetic Pair Therapy - Qualified with The Goiz School of Biomagnetism. Trained by Moises Goiz and Dr David Goiz.


Bioenergetics, telebioenergetics (distance healing) and in depth Biomagnetism Principles. Trained by Moises Goiz and Dr David Goiz


Protocols and techniques for distance healing & how to work remotely during the pandemic. Trained by Dr David Goiz. 

Biomagnetic Neuropsychology / Codica

Using sound waves, magnetism and coaching to re-write unconscious thought patterns. Trained by Moises Goiz.


Addressing the energetic patterns and emotions associated with pathogens and symptoms. Trained by Dr Miguel Ojeda. 

Emotion Code

Identifying and releasing trapped emotions and energies to allow the body to heal. Trained by Dr Bradley Nelson. 


A specialised coaching and meditation technique to discover and resolve the root cause of symptoms to find inner calm and  holistic health. Trained by it’s creator, Sandy C Newbigging

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