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Case Study: Healing Hashimoto's

Read how Jenny’s thyroid Function returned to normal after just three Biomagnetic Pair Therapy sessions.

Hashimoto’s Disease and it’s Symptoms

Hashimoto’s disease (also known as chronic lymphatic thyroiditis) is an autoimmune condition in which the body creates antibodies that damage the thyroid gland, leading to an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism).

Symptoms of Hashimoto’s include:

- Fatigue - Increased sensitivity to cold - Dry skin, brittle nails, hair loss - Unexplained weight gain - Aching and/or stiff muscles and joints - Excessive or prolonged menstrual bleeding - Depression - Memory lapses

Jenny’s Diagnosis

Jenny came to me for treatment with Biomagnetic Pair Therapy after receiving a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s disease. She wanted to explore an alternative to the conventional medical approach, which is a lifelong treatment using synthetic hormone medication.

Jenny’s blood test results prior to treatment were as follows:

- Thyroid Autoantibodies: 388 kU/L (normal range 0.00-50.00kU/L): Raised levels consistent with autoimmune thyroid disease - Serum Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH): 4.69 mU/L (normal 0.27 – 4.3 mU/L): Elevated TSH consistent with Hypothyroidism

These levels remained consistent over several blood tests and provide a diagnosis to Hashimoto’s disease.

Jenny’s Treatment

Scientists are researching the theory that a virus or bacterium might trigger the autoimmune response that causes Hashimoto’s disease. This is consistent with the approach we take with Biomagnetic Pair Therapy. Jenny came to see me for treatment, in which we worked to address specific imbalances associated with a bacterial and viral infection. Specifically I found an imbalance that is consistent with Epstein Barr Virus being present in the system, which Anthony Williams, acclaimed author of Thyroid Healing believes is the key trigger in Thyroid disease.

After three sessions Jenny returned to her doctor to repeat her blood tests, which all came back normal! With her serum TSH having dropped down to 2.57mU/L!

"I was suffering from heart palpitations and so went to see my doctor. He asked me to do a blood test which revealed an under active thyroid caused by the auto immune disease, Hashimoto's .Meanwhile, I was seeing Faye about my anxiety. While there, Faye did other tests and independently suggested my thyroid could have a problem. My time with Faye was for my anxiety. So, although she did a bit of work for my thyroid it wasn't her main focus. She advised waiting to see if a further blood test would validate my thyroid issue. The blood test showed a worsening of the condition and so I went to Faye for help. After 3 sessions to address my thyroid issues I took another blood test. This time, my thyroid levels were back to normal - something my doctor couldn't understand. I completely credit Faye with solving my condition and wholeheartedly recommend her. I've referred some of my friends too who have also already had amazing results"

Do you have a diagnosed disease? Or have any symptoms listed above? If so please get in touch, or book a free consultation or appointment here.

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