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Biomagnetic Neuropsychology Q&A

There is a good chance you've not heard of Biomagnetic Neuropsychology before, and that's because I was the first Practitioner in the UK. So, it's likely you have a few questions, here's some of the questions I get asked most often...

Will Biomagnetic Neuropsychology help me?

If you ever catch yourself trying to rationalise your thoughts, debating with yourself, or berating yourself because you know how irrational some of your feelings, thoughts and actions are, then there is a good chance your conscious mind and subconscious mind aren’t on the same page! It doesn’t matter how many times you tell yourself not to worry about a situation, if your subconscious is failing to process it you’ll really struggle to break free of the cycle of stress and anxiety.

If this sounds familiar then yes, Biomagnetic Neuropsychology can help you.

The treatment offers the opportunity to rewrite the subconscious and automatic responses we generate when faced with certain scenarios, so is perfect for anyone who has found a block in achieving success and happiness. Biomagnetic Neuropsychology gives us the skills to overcome emotional, psychological and physiological problems. This technique has been found to benefit a number of conditions, including:

·       Anxiety

·       Depression

·       Phobias

·       Personality disorders

·       Pain and other physical manifestations

What happens in a Biomagnetic Neuropsychology session?

If you have heard anyone talk about their experience of Biomagnetic Neuropsychology then chances are the details you learnt about the process are that you wear weird shoes (for the muscle testing in section 3) and a very unflattering hat (for the mapping in section 4), here’s a little more detail as to what goes on in a session:

1.     You will look through a series of cards with text and images to trigger a scenario in your conscious mind, these cards also contain subliminal information that is processed by the subconscious mind (see section 3)

2.     A chance to air your feelings, concerns and issues. Tell me what pushes your buttons, what obstacles you face or what throws you off balance.

3.     You will lay on the treatment bed (fully clothed!) to look through a second set of cards, these contain subliminal information and are used to scan for subconscious errors in perception. The left hemisphere of the brain is the logical side and controls the right side of the body, when this is under stress it will cause a contraction on the right hand side of your body. So during this section I will hold your feet to identify any cards that cause a shortening.

4.     The points that require stimulation will be mapped then stimulated for 10 seconds using the inductor magnet. This causes hyperplasticity in the brain, which last for half an hour.

5.     The half an hour of hyperplasticity is used to explain the scenarios that showed up as an error in perception in section 3. This section takes the form of precisely targeted coaching to train the new neural pathways in the brain with healthy unconscious thought patterns.

How will I feel after a session?

Once we have corrected the processing of any scenarios that were causing a problem all that is left is happiness. Underneath all the stuff we carry around is just pure joy. And without negative thought processes clouding our minds there is space for clarity, creativity, motivation and energy.

For some the changes you feel will be instant, for others you may need a nights sleep to process the changes and will feel a shift the next day, and for some the change is more subtle and will be noticeable in your thoughts and feelings in the days after your treatment.

 For example, Laura “had never felt such instantaneous relief”: 

“Once we were finished Faye wrote up some notes for me to take away and while she was writing I realised my brain was working differently. It was like it was instantly identifying unhealthy thoughts and putting a stop sign in front of them and forcing me to process them in a more sensible and rational way.”

It took a day for Phil to feel the full benefit of his treatment, that continued to unfold as he went about tasks he had been struggling with:

“I can’t describe in words the clarity and focus I have experienced in the last 24 hours from my treatment with Faye.  The coaching and consultation gave me a completely different solution to the same obstacle I’ve been trying to work through for a while.”

How does Biomagnetic Neuropsychology work?

The brain is not always capable of dealing with trauma and conditioning, so as a protective mechanism will ‘shut down’ the area of the brain that is being overworked. This causes a phenomenon known as a Neurological Gap. Biomagnetic Neuropsychology works by identifying Neurological Gaps that cause detrimental thought processes when certain psychological and social scenarios.

Once the Neurological Gaps have been identified they can be stimulated using magnetic induction. Magnetic induction is a non-invasive and painless technique that uses a magnetic charge, alternating between a positive and negative polarity at a specific frequency, to stimulate neural activity in an area where the individual has subconsciously inhibited (i.e. A Neurological Gap). This generates a state of hyperplasticity to increase the cognitive ability to form resilient neurological patterns.

Being in a state of hyperplasticity elevates cognitive ability, so the final phase of the process is cognitive restructuring, this takes the form of targeted psycho-emotional coaching (specific to the neurological gaps identified). This redirects the use and processing of information and creates new thought patterns to become highly efficient in the specific scenario where there had previously been a neurological gap.

Where does Biomagnetic Neuropsychology come from?

Biomagnetic Neuropsychology was developed by Mexican psychologist Moises Goiz, for more information about how he developed the therapy read our blog post “From Kittens to Claustrophobia; the story of Biomagnetic Neuropsychology”.

As the course is taught in Spanish, in Miami, there are not many practitioners in the English speaking world. In fact I am the only practitioner in the whole of the UK!

How much does a Biomagnetic Neuropsychology session cost, how long does it last and how much will I need?

A session costs £100 and lasts one hour. It is recommended you have 2-3 sessions to start, spaced approximately a week apart. Then you may choose to come back once or twice a year for a subconscious MOT to clear anything you pick up in the stresses of day to day life. 

Does the treatment have any side effects?

The treatment is non-invasive and completely safe. You may just feel a little spaced out or have some interesting dreams after a treatment. It is recommended for anyone from adolescents onwards but the magnetic stimulation cannot be used if you suffer from seizures.

Still got questions?

If you have unanswered questions, or would like to discuss a certain issue do get in touch, or give me a call! I can't always get to your call if I'm treating, but leave me a voicemail or text and I'll call back as soon as possible!

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