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I was suffering from heart palpitations and so went to see my doctor. He asked me to do a blood test which revealed an under active thyroid caused by the autoimmune disease, Hashimoto's. Meanwhile, I was seeing Faye about my anxiety. While there, Faye did other tests and independently suggested my thyroid could have a problem. She advised waiting to see if a further blood test would validate my thyroid issue. The blood test showed a worsening of the condition and so I went to Faye for help. After 3 sessions to address my thyroid issues I took another blood test. This time, my thyroid levels were back to normal - something my doctor couldn't understand. I completely credit Faye with solving my condition and wholeheartedly recommend her. I've referred some of my friends too who have also already had amazing results

Jenny Schwarz - Recovering from thyroid disease

Faye and her magnets have been an incredible support on my journey to recovery from a chronic illness. She has such a wealth of knowledge about the processes going on in the body, and how the magnet therapy can have the most beneficial impact. It has really inspired confidence in me that I have found a treatment that I truly believe can make a difference.

Anytime I have a query or suggestion, she has a wonderful ability to clearly and concisely explain things to me, which instantly puts me at ease. Chronic Fatigue has so many mysteries, but I’m so glad I have found Faye, to help me navigate the complex journey towards recovery. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Duncan B - Recovering from Chronic Fatigue

I really enjoyed my appointments with Faye and the results!! She’s kind, compassionate and listened fully to my descriptions and to my answers to her incisive questions. I’m sure this attention, her intuitive intelligence, extensive knowledge and natural curiosity were key to successful treatment, -a science she practices with a natural artistry. I’ve seen many practitioners in numerous fields, I’d recommend only 2 or 3, and Faye is most certainly one of them.

Jacqueline L

Faye’s worked nothing short of miracles with my health. My main health issues were Completely resolved within a few sessions. Faye’s also helped my family and friends with various ailments - Infections, arthritis, anxiety, asthma, headaches etc with astounding results. I’m literally blown away by how amazing biomagnetism is!
Faye’s a really kind, warm and friendly person. She really listened to my health concerns and gave great advice. I had a complicated case and Faye has been an enormous support to me. I would give 10 stars if I could. I’m truly grateful. Thank you Faye!


Joanie S

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